Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie Autumn/Winter scents!

A little about LPMP

One of my favorite indie perfumers is Mara Fox at Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie. Her scents are so well-crafted and wearable! If you are in the Portland/Vancouver area, go check out her amazing store at 703 Main Street in Vancouver, WA.

Love Potion Perfumes are mostly Limited Editions, so if you find one you like, don’t wait too long to order it! There are some permanent scents that are available all the time, but for the most part, if it’s gone, it’s gone. Many scents are unisex, meaning any gender can wear them easily. Some scents have added pheromones, which may be gender-specific though.

Shipping times can vary, but in this instance, I purchased my sampler pack on 9/23/19 and it shipped out on 9/27/19. The samples are 1.75 ml each, which usually lasts me at least 10 wearings or so, enough to decide if I want to buy a larger bottle. The full-size bottles are 10 ml roller balls, but if you prefer sprays, you can upgrade them for a little bit extra. Prices depend on whether or not the fragrance has a pheromone added. I’ve linked each scent below to the order page, so you can see the ordering options.

On to the new scents!

Love Potion Fall Equinox 2019 – Samhain “Our signature Love Potion base of creamy vanilla and boozy vanilla bean, dark amber and patchouli is enhanced with notes of earthy vetiver and cedar, green leaf and hedione, fruity accents courtesy of numerous varieties of fig as well as apricot and kumquat, tarragon and ginger, with a tiny touch of honey and a spark of lemon on top.”
On my skin, this was fruity and very figgy at first. It dried down to a sweet, earthy resin-y scent. Perfect for Fall!

Toys in the Attic “A heart of Egyptian and white musk visited by the resinous specters of frankincense and myrrh, amber and sandalwood, further underscored by a dusty wood accord, black walnut, cassia EO and a whisper of dry vanilla, with a shadowy presence of black currant.”
This one has the creepiest label!! The scent is very cool, though.

Haunted Forest “This unisex scent embodies a brisk Autumnal walk through a mysterious environ with woody notes of oak, evergreen accord and walnut plus fern and dried leaf accord, finished with intriguing hints of smoke, green peppercorn EO and bourbon.”
This leans a little more masculine on me. It’s very woodsy and green. I can’t wait to try this on my partner, William!

Pippin Potion “Two kinds of crisp ginger ale accords blended with our homemade famously scrumptious Butterbeer fragrance base (butterscotch and real baker’s butter extract) and a frightfully fun Shriek! of tart green apple.”
On my skin, this was tart, yet kind of sweet apples. The fizziness of the ginger ale is a fun aspect of it.

Pearfection “We layer juicy sweet pear with further mouthwatering notes of burnt sugar and caramel, which is then surrounded by a forest-like ambiance of dry leaf accord, redwood and black walnut, and topped with just a slight sprinkle of Autumn spice.”
This one is SO GOOD! Sweet pear and buttery caramel with the spicy leaf/wood just detectable in the background, giving it a definite Fall feel.

Garland Latte “Dark roasted and milky coffee oils over an endless gourmand delight of creamy eggnog, spicy gingerbread, and mouthwatering pumpkin pie”
This is for all my fellow coffee fiends! It’s very coffee forward. I smell the eggnog and pumpkin in the vial, but it’s not as prominent on my skin.

Honeyed Pumpkin “a delightful trio of pumpkin notes – lightly spiced, creamy and buttery – swirled with the beautiful golden glow of wildflower honey and honeyed vanilla, as well as sticky golden amber EO.”
Exactly as it sounds – sweet pumpkin and honey, with the vanilla and amber underneath – yum!

Cloven Sand “A devilishly sensual and exotic unisex blending of sandalwood attars and EOs whose sources span the globe, plus a few drops of aged patchouli attar, dashes of fiery Arabian spice and clove bud and leaf, further ignited by woodsmoke accord and smoky Arabian wood resin.”
Wow – this one is AMAZING! It’s more on the masculine side, but I would not hesitate to wear it. Definitely going to have my guy try it, though!

Winter “a pale green heart of varieties of spruce and pine with eucalyptus EO and warm fuzzy oakmoss mingling with an airy assortment of teas (Darjeeling, white willow and camelia blossom) on a bed of green musk and tobacco leaf.”
Almost spa-like, cool and clean, teas and spruce.

Midnight Rider “the dusky depths of oud and a smoky Arabian wood attar infusing a lush fruity mixture of juicy plum and apricot, tangy black and red currants, tart pomegranate and sweet mulberry.”
This label is to die for!!! I love it so much! The scent is all dark fruits on me with the resins in the background. I kind of wish the resins were more prominent. I’ll try it again in a few days and see if they show up more.

Velvet Kisses w/Cuddle Bunny “A rich melding of vanilla buttercream and two types of chocolate and espresso, and to make it perfectly perfumed, sexy musk and myrrh as well as a pale Oriental-style amber and a drop of orange EO.”
If you like chocolate, you’ll love this! It’s a dusty cocoa, very smooth and sexy. It has the Cuddle Bunny pheromone added to it, which is described as: “the classic recipe of estratetraenol and copulins for inspiring cuddling – and what that inevitably leads to…” There are a few bottles available without the phero.

10:31 w/Magnet “fairy floss swirls of blue raspberry and mulberry layered with multiple types of yummy vanilla and buttercream-frosted pumpkin cake, plus a baker’s delight of gingerbread and pound cake topped with a drizzle of maple, all mingling with smooth base notes of sweet wood and teak.”
OMG, this was my favorite! Sweet cotton candy, vanilla, pumpkin, gingerbread, maple – it’s like my October dreams all in one fragrance! It has the Magnet pheromone blend added to it: “our man magnet combo of Alpha-Androstenol and a whopping dose of EoW Copulins! Mood elevating, popularity enhancing and sexually attracting!” There are a few bottles available without the phero.

Blud 2019 w/Sexpionage “Multiple types of Dragon’s Blood blended with oud, wormwood, labdanum and various amber attars and EOs provide a shroud for a decaying apple, with further frightful accents of majmua, benzoin and storax.”
On my skin, this was rich, sticky resins with a hint of apple. Blud 2019 has the Sexpionage pheromone blend added to it: “a Copulin-heavy sex bomb mixture, with a smidgen of Androstenone to inspire sexually aggressive behavior in both you and your mate; softened with Alpha-Androstenol to steer the blend in a happy, playful direction.” There are a few bottles available without the phero.

OCCO Weenie Pump “this is a sweet and spicy blending of pumpkin accords with further delicious accents of rich vanilla and cream”
OCCO stands for Overt Cops for your Covert Ops… Copulins (cops) AKA Essence of Woman (EOW) or Essence Oil is a very strong sexual attractant. Definitely let this one dry down before you get dressed. On me, this is more of a vanilla cream scent, with lots of pumpkin.

So, that’s my quick overview – I’ll be giving them a more thorough wearing over the next few days. What are your favorite scents for Fall? Do you like any indie perfumes? Let me know in the comments below!

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