Back on track (I hope!)

I have psoriatic arthritis. I was diagnosed in early 2017, after a lot of really random symptoms: one episode of never-actually-diagnosed psoriasis on my elbows in April 2016, back and joint pain starting in November 2016, swollen, tingly, itchy hands in 2017. My primary doctor referred me to see a rheumatologist. I did a trial run of prednisone to see if the symptoms I was having responded, then started methotrexate. After several months of no improvement, my doctor added Otezla. After five more months of no improvement, I started Enbrel, and I finally started to see some changes in how I felt.

Back in August, I saw my rheumatologist for a follow-up. Things were going pretty good. She replaced my anti-inflammatory medication, and gave me info about reducing my Enbrel now that my psoriatic arthritis seemed under control. The anti-inflammatory medicine (Meloxicam) is one that you take every day, whether or not you have pain. Adding that to my regimen made me feel so much better, I even started running again!

So, naturally, I thought I’d give this Step Down thing a try. The info she gave me about reducing my Enbrel explains it like this:

What is tissue necrosis factor (TNF) treatment?

  • Enbrel is a TNF blocker.
  • TNF is a substance in the body that can cause inflammation, and can lead to autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylits, and Psoriatic Arthritis.
  • TNF blockers suppress the immune system by blocking TNF activity.

Why would you want to reduce TNF treatment?

  • Anti-TNF treatment suppresses the immune system, which can increase your risk of serious infections. Lymphoma and other malignancies, some fatal, have also been associated with TNF blocker treatment.
  • Reducing TNF treatment can also help you save on your medication costs.

The Enbrel dose I was taking was 50 mg every week, in a SureClick pen injector. This paper suggests giving the injection every 10 days. So I tried that, for three doses. OMG, by the end of the third 10-day period, I was hurting so bad! I was even all hunched over when I stood up from sitting, like I was at the beginning of my PsA (Psoriatic Arthritis) journey. It was awful. No more running, and lots of moaning and groaning, lol. I moved the injection up to every 9 days. I did that for three 9-day periods. Still no better. I moved it to 8 days. But then I figured, at that point, what’s the big difference between 7 and 8 days? So this week, I gave it on the 7th day. No more messing around. What I was doing was working before, and I felt good. I hope it doesn’t take too long to get back to feeling better.

Do you have psoriatic arthritis, or another auto-immune disease? Have you found a treatment regimen that works for you? Tell me about it in the comments below:

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