Pet intro: Brenna

So I thought I would start the new year by introducing you to our pets! We have two dogs, two inside cats, and 7 silkie chickens.

Brenna is our 14 year old chihuahua mix. I got her in December 2005.

She was the cutest little thing. Back then, it was just me and my kids, and we lived in an apartment, so she was the perfect dog.

One of her most distinctive features is her mohawk. It’s a ridge of hair that grows along her neck, in a different direction than the rest of her fur.

After we moved from the apartment, she had a backyard to play in. Unfortunately, that’s also when her allergies started. She takes medication daily, but she still suffers from red, itchy skin, and when it gets really bad, she’ll get bald spots in her fur. I’ve tried all sorts of different foods, different medications, topical treatments, etc.

At her least favorite place – the vet

At her last appointment, the vet and I discussed quality of life. Brenna has a heart murmur, and her heart is enlarged. She doesn’t take medication for it, as the medication would make her urinate more often, and she’s already partially incontinent. More frequent urination would irritate her skin even more. She’s deaf now, and can’t see very well. She sleeps most of the time, but she still gets excited for food and treats, and even occasionally wants to go on a walk! For right now, we are just keeping her as comfortable as possible.

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