Scents of the week Mar 29 – Apr 4

My perfumes for the week:

Sunday: Sample day! I tried a few different samples. CK Everyone, Viva La Juicy Pink Couture, and Versace Dylan Blue for her. I’ll be passing on CK Everyone, but I’m keeping the other two to try again later.

Monday: Goddess of the Blue Moon by Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie
 A serene heart of Asian musk and bamboo surrounded by intriguing accents of lotus, water lily and teak. It has the exclusive LUMINA pheromone blend for accentuating that precious ‘glow’ of femininity ~ attractiveness, sparkle, happiness, youthful appeal and confidence. Sensual, certainly, but not overtly sexual.
This scent is perfect for Spring and Summer. It’s a light and cool floral. I love the Lumina phero, it’s a nice pick-me-up.

Tuesday: Sweet Pea Fairy Cake by Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie
Fairy-sweet pink sugar and fresh-picked sweet pea blossoms slathered with pink buttercream frosting, combine with a cupcake base fit for a Fae of our creamiest buttery vanilla oils.
This is one of those scents that smells nice at first, then just blooms on the skin. Later it is a gorgeous pink floral gourmand that I can’t stop sniffing.

Wednesday: Éclat d’Arpège by Lanvin
The velvety sweetness of lilac and peach blossoms, with a subtle base of cedar and white musk
On Facebook Fragrance Friends, they started a fun SOTD A-Z idea. I was a bit late, but I joined in at E! This is a great elegant, feminine, and affordable scent.

Thursday: Fairy Floss Fairy Cake by Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie
Pink sugar and brown sugar-sweetened resins slathered with hot spun sugar frosting decorate a cupcake base fit for a Fae of our creamiest buttery vanilla oils.
To my nose, this smells like Love Potion: Pink without the patchouli. It’s pink, pretty, and perfect.

Friday: Glossier You
Unlike traditional fragrances, Glossier You is heavy on warm, creamy base notes (musk, ambrette, and ambrox) that transform and smell a little different on everyone. Top notes of earthy, green iris root and spicy, sparkling pink pepper are fresh and clean without being overpowering
I love this one. I have a Scentbird decant of it, and I could wear it every day. It smells like me, but fancier.

Saturday: Hanami by Phlur
Aquatic and floral, subtle and warm, Hanami reserves its most lasting, most memorable notes for those you allow to get close. Notes for Hanami: fig, white florals, hazelnut and sandalwood.
I love the smell of Hanami. It’s so pretty. But dang. The longevity is very poor. It lasts maybe 3 hours at the most.

Wearing perfume is one of those little things I can do to make the days still feel normal. Did you wear perfume this week? Tell me in the comments below:

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