Long time, no see!

Let’s catch up!!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, I know. Pandemic paralysis, I guess. I got caught up just surviving day-to-day, and it was hard to plan blog posts or any type of creative activity.

I’ve been taking care of our grandson while his parents are at work, raising foster kittens (pics to come, I promise!), recovering from Covid, getting vaccinated, cuddling my cats, petting my puppies, painting my nails, still spritzing my perfume, and doing all the little things I normally do, just without telling you about it, lol. I have posted now and then on my Instagram, though. I hope you’ve been following me there.

I’ll be posting my Scents of the Week regularly again, starting next week. Meanwhile, I’ll be posting some catch-up entries, so settle in!

Tell me how you’ve been doing this past year – I’ve missed you!

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