Journaling 2022

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I’ve always been a calendar/planner girl, from as far back as I can remember. For the last few years, I’ve been using Plum Paper Planners – I love all the personalization options. But I didn’t use all of the features, and it kind of felt wasteful. I wanted to try something different this year.

I had my eye on bullet journals, but I wasn’t sure I could do it, lol. Just starting was intimidating. All that empty space, how would I fill it up? What if I messed up? Those notebooks are bound, so it would be awful to tear out pages, lol. Anyway, I found some YouTube tutorials, and bought a dotted notebook from Michael’s, and some Micron pens. I decided which features I wanted in my notebook, and planned out my first few pages. I am not an artsy person, by any means, so I just wanted it to be simple and clean-looking.

I have messed up some, but I carry a little pouch in my tote bag with pens, mild liners, small rulers, and correction tape. I use these cool stamps to make the headings.

I’m a huge Tudor nerd, so I also purchased a 2022 Tudor Planner from Heather Teysko’s IndieGogo campaign last year. She has the Renaissance English History Podcast,, and puts on a TudorCon! I’ve had one of these beautiful planners before, and tried to use it as my primary planner, but it didn’t work for me. This year, I’m using it mostly as my gratitude journal, and I’ve kept it up every day so far!

Do you use a planner or journal? Tell me about it in the comments below:

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