Today is National Read a Book Day!

According to the National Day Calendar, today is National Read a Book Day! Of course, every day is Read a Book Day in our house, lol. My partner, William, and I are voracious readers.

Right now, I’m reading The Terror, by Dan Simmons. My friend Shannon recommended it to me. So far, I’m really liking it. It’s been made into a TV series on the AMC channel. I tried to watch it when it first came out, but it seemed too scary, lol. Now I’m reading the book! Books are always scarier to me than movies, I guess because I can so clearly picture the scenes in my head. I remember when I read Pet Semetary, it gave me nightmares for like, 3 weeks. The 1989 movie only gave me nightmares for a couple days.

My grandpa read to me from a very early age. Soon I was reading everything in sight. Kids’ books at first, of course, but my grandpa started letting me read his books as soon as I was old enough. I read his monthly mystery magazines, his fantasy and science fiction, and even his horror novels. Once I became a teenager, my older sister started letting me read her romance novels. Our favorites were Johanna Lindsey and Bertrice Small.

My shelves are full of books from all genres: contemporary fiction, historical fiction, self-help, biographies, horror, young adult, romance, humor, DIY, pagan & witchy books, and fantasy novels. I’m definitely not a book snob, lol. I also don’t really get into the debate about paper books vs e-readers. I usually read on my Kindle, because I have arthritis, and holding books can be hard sometimes for me. But I love my paper books and still buy them regularly.

So, are you reading a book right now? Tell me what you like to read in the comments!

One thought on “Today is National Read a Book Day!

  1. I’m reading about 5 different books right now. One of them is Life, on the Line (a chef’s autobiography), and I’m listening to Portrait of a Lady on audible (it’s about 23 hours long!!)

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