Hiking at Redwood Regional Park

Yesterday, my son and I drove up to Redwood Regional Park to go hiking. We went for the first time in 2011, and I went again with my partner, William, in 2014. It’s an easy drive from where we live, and there are trails for people of all fitness levels. There’s a playground for families, and toilets along some trails.

Redwood trees along the Tres Sendas Trail

Our hike yesterday was about 6 miles. We entered the park at the Canyon Meadow staging area and started along the Stream Trail. We took Tres Sendas Trail to French Trail, then went the wrong way on Starflower Trail, lol. We ended up back on Stream Trail and just hiked back to where we started. We meant to take French Trail all the way to Chown Trail, then back to Stream Trail. Oh well, we still had fun. I think next time, we’ll try entering at the Skyline Gate Staging Area and explore the trails on that end of the park more.

Redwood Regional Park also has some bike trails and horseback riding trails. Dogs are allowed, as long as you pick up after them, of course. They can even be off-leash in some areas. I thought about taking Jasper, my mini poodle puppy, but I’m glad I didn’t. He would have gotten tired, and I probably would have ended up carrying him, lol. I might take him when he’s a little older.

Do you like to hike? Or just enjoy being out in nature? Tell me about your favorite places to go in the comments below:

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