Scents of the week Oct 13 – Oct 19

My perfumes for the week:

Sunday: Love Potion Black A blend of thick, rich Vanilla Bean, aged and Indonesian Patchouli resins, Honeycomb and Brown Sugar, Amber resin, and a luscious Chypre blend.

Monday: Love Potion’s Cauldron Cake An array of spicy pumpkins oils sweetened with brown sugar drizzled over a poundcake-style vanilla and a gooey base of sweet patchouli topped with luscious cream cheese frosting.

Tuesday: Possets’ Silver Oude the strong glory of oude tamed down with the delicate silver base (vanilla musk)

Wednesday: Love Potion’s Black Velvet Pumpkin Our darkly delicious Black Velvet variety features a richly spicy blend of pumpkin accords darkened with black coffee plus a mysterious blend of aged patchouli, vetiver and Arabian wood attars, then sweetened with sticky caramel and maple syrup and infused with just a touch of woodsmoke for extra Autumnal ambiance.

Thursday: Love Potion Fall Equinox Samhain 2019 Our signature Love Potion base of creamy vanilla and boozy vanilla bean, dark amber and patchouli is enhanced with notes of earthy vetiver and cedar, green leaf and hedione, fruity accents courtesy of numerous varieties of fig as well as apricot and kumquat, tarragon and ginger, with a tiny touch of honey and a spark of lemon on top.

Friday: Love Potion’s Candy House A blend of six types of pumpkin oils – a balance of the fresh-cut and the spiced – sweetened with a mixture of pink, brown and caramelized sugar notes, a dollop of creamy vanilla and a base of sweet amber.

Saturday: Oil Perfumery’s impression of Chloe Nomade Top Notes Freesia, Heart Notes Mirabelle, plum liquor, Base notes Oakmoss

What perfumes did you wear this week? Tell me in the comments below:

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