My current skin care faves

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As a forty-something woman, I find that my skincare routine is more important now than ever. My skin is much drier than it has ever been, so all of the products I use are different from what I used when I was younger. I have melasma (hyperpigmentation) on my face, and my skin is fairly sensitive.

I’m kind of a beauty product junkie, so I’ve tried much of the popular skin care products, at least in the low-to-middle price range. Everything from drugstore brands, department store brands, to online-only products, like Paula’s Choice. This is what’s working for me right now:

To wash my face, I use Sciabica’s Lavender Olive Oil to remove my eye makeup, then I use the Buttercup Hot Process Facial Soap from Paintbox Soapworks. It’s important to me to reduce waste as much as possible, so I stopped using makeup remover wipes. I just lather up the soap, gently rub it over my face, and then use a warm washcloth to rinse it off. It leaves my face clean, and it never feels stripped.

If I need to exfoliate, I use the Clean Slate Facial Scrub from Paintbox Soapworks. I love the scent of it, so fresh and clean! I do want to try the Buttercup Moisturizing Scrub, next time, though.

I use these reusable cotton pads to apply Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner to my face, it just makes it feel super clean (plus it smells amazing!)

For my daytime moisturizer, I use L’Oreal Revitalift, and at night, I use the Revitalift Night Cream. They are perfect for my skin – thick, with great moisturization, but not greasy.

At this time, I’m not using any products specifically for my eye area, although I probably should!

mah face (with make-up on, lol)

What skincare products do you use? Tell me your favorites in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “My current skin care faves

  1. I think I might also have melasma on my forehead but my doctor wasn’t completely sure so I will see a dermatologist next month to make sure that’s what it is. I’m not really going to do anything about it if it’s just cosmetic. Also, I have been debating with myself on the makeup remover wipes – I don’t wear make-up but I love to use them midway through the workday as a refresher for my face but I also feel guilty about the waste they create since they are a one time use product. However, washing my face with soap and water at work takes more of an effort!

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