Scents of the Week Nov 3 – Nov 9

My perfumes of the week:

Sunday: Bath and Body Works Into the Night A timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight jasmine & rich amber

Monday: Replica’s Whispers in the Library Inspired by the scent of wax wood and paper, the combination of pepper notes with woody and warm notes of cedar and vanilla recreates the atmosphere of an ancestral library.

Tuesday: Love Potion Perfume’s Gossamer Threads A blending of powdery musk, oakmoss and myrrh sweetened with a sprinkle of white sugar and a dusting of powdered sugar. To ensure there is all manner of loving reactions we’ve enhanced this with our exclusive CUDDLE BUNNY mix. A pheromone blend for cuddling…and what that inevitably leads to!

Wednesday: Oil Perfumery’s ASAQ Body Musk Musk, Floral notes, Woody notes, Powdery notes

Thursday: Love Potion’s Spring’s Lusty Cherry A really gooey yummy base of thick sweet resins and thick (slightly boozy) vanilla bean paste swirled together with deep black cherry

Friday: BPAL’s Spellbound An irresistibly sexual, utterly rapturous blend of three roses, radiant amber, and sensual red musk

Saturday: Oil Perfumery’s Noir de Noir Saffron, Black Truffle, Rose, Patchouli, Tree moss, Oud Wood, Vanilla

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