Perfume Parade: Layered/Alexandria Fragrances

This is part of a series on perfume companies that I personally have purchased perfumes from - these are not sponsored posts. Layered Fragrances Layered Fragrances is mainly marketed towards women. They have Inspiration Fragrances, which are dupes of higher-end fragrances. They also have single note fragrances, made for layering. Layered also has some original … Continue reading Perfume Parade: Layered/Alexandria Fragrances

Scents of the week Jul 19 – Jul 25

Yay!!! I'm finally able to post my scents of the week! LOL I've been really busy with my grandbaby, and trying to adjust to COVID life. But this week, I've been using my planner, and can actually make a post! Sunday: Oil Perfumery's version of Magnolia NobileTop Notes: Bergamot, LemonHeart Notes: Magnolia, Rose, Jasmine, TuberoseBase notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, … Continue reading Scents of the week Jul 19 – Jul 25

Scents of the week Feb 16 – Feb 22

My perfumes for the week: (my third #RosesWeek for February) Sunday: Parfait de Rôses by LancômeRose Centifolia, heady incense, pink pepper, Liqueur of Rose, ciste labdanum, vanilla absolute and Tolu BalsamI have a decant of this, and that's probably enough. It's pretty and sweet, like a candied rose. Monday: Oil Perfumery's impression of Portrait of … Continue reading Scents of the week Feb 16 – Feb 22