Pet intro: Willow

Willow is our 5 year old dilute tortoise shell cat (dilute tortie). We adopted her from our local Humane Society in 2015.

Willow’s gotcha day

We got her to keep Meap company, but they didn’t click immediately. Actually, they’ve never really bonded closely. They don’t cuddle, or anything like that. But they get along well, at least. Willow especially loves my stepson Levi – when he’s home, she’s pretty much his cat.

Those ears, though!

Willow is very affectionate. Be careful, though, she’ll knead you with those claws! Her purr is super loud. She’s really playful, she used to even play fetch with her catnip mousie. She loves to watch the birds outside. Twice, she’s brought one in! After that, I realized I needed to move the bird feeders somewhere so that she couldn’t easily stalk and get the birdies.

Willow loves to be outside. We only let her go in the back yard, though. She’ll hang out on the patio, or walk along the fence. She doesn’t bother our chickens at all. I think it’s good for her to get some exercise, she’s kind of plump. It’s hard to capture in pictures, but her belly is kind of like a football.

Willow is a sweet girl, and we’re happy to have her in our family!

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