Pet intro: Chickens

I’ve wanted to keep chickens for years. We got our first chickens in February of 2017. We had 3 Rhode Island Red hens. Unfortunately, we lost them to a dog with a high prey drive. William built a fence for our side yard, and we started over with Silkies, chickens with fluffy feathers instead of smooth feathers, so they aren’t able to fly. We bought 6 chicks from a local farm supply store: two white, two black, and two buff colored ones. Of course, the black and the buff ones turned out to be roos, and we are only allowed to keep hens in the city limits, so I had to rehome them. I named the two white ones Louise and Helen.

Helen and Louise

Later, they were joined by a black Silkie that my friend Paula gave me. Her name is Riri. She’s my best girl.


Silkies are known for being broody a lot, which means they sit in the nesting box and try to hatch their eggs. I don’t have any roosters, so the eggs they lay aren’t fertilized, and they could never develop into chicks. We wanted a few more chickens, and I thought it would be fun to let the girls hatch some eggs, so in February of 2019, I bought some fertilized eggs from a local breeder.

They were such good mamas! Out of 18 eggs, 11 hatched. Six ended up being roos. The five left were: Iris, Stella, Opal, Sparkle, and Noodle. Iris was my favorite. She was a Silkie Showgirl, which meant she was mixed with a Naked Neck. She also had smooth frizzled (curly) feathers. She was beautiful. She had such personality. I loved her so much. Sadly, one hot day, she got quiet, and even though I brought her in the house, and did all I could, she died.


We still have all the rest, though. Here are some pics:


Last week, we had a visitor to our flock. She’s a little game hen. We named her Nugget. She doesn’t sleep in the coop with our chickens, she roosts up on our patio ceiling fan, lol. I posted a notice in the NextDoor app, but no one responded. I think she’s our chicken now.

I love being a chicken mama. Do you like chickens? Do you have any? Tell me in the comments below:

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