We got a quarantine puppy!

Well, actually we got our dog, Jasper, a puppy, lol. Jasper is our mini poodle mix, and he’s a rambunctious little one year old. He kept trying to get our poor old chi mix, Brenna, to play with him, but she’s almost 15 and she wasn’t having any of it. The cats didn’t want to wrestle with him, either. So our idea was to foster a puppy and see how it went. I put in an application, and we did get two German Shepherd puppies at first, but no small dogs. Even to adopt, it’s really hard to get a small dog from the shelter. They just get snapped up so fast. After a few weeks, I started looking at local rescues. I sent in an app for a little female chi mix, but it turned out she already had an adopter lined up. The lady said there was a small female chi mix puppy that would be available soon. I put an application in for that one, and got to meet her on May 16.

Piper was 8 weeks old when we got her. She’s super tiny! I was kind of worried that she would be too small for Jasper to play with, but I was quickly proved wrong. They fight and run and wrestle – he’s so good with her. Piper’s spunky and playful – exactly what we needed.

Jasper and Piper playing in the backyard – watch her catch his tail!
Piper can hold her own!
But they like to snuggle too
Piper is a good girl and sleeps in her crate at night

Now, we didn’t get her because of the quarantine. It just happened to work out that way. I’m super happy, though. Who else got a quarantine pet?? Tell me in the comments below:

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