Foster babies!

When the pandemic first struck, our local shelter put out the call for fosters for the animals in the shelter. We fostered two sweet German Shepherd puppies for a couple weeks until they were old enough to be adopted.

We tried fostering an older dog, but that didn’t go well – there was an unfortunate bite incident. We had to return him to the shelter, but they assured us he would be placed with a rescue who would be able to work with him and train him. After some time, we decided to try again, and foster some kittens this time.

Because I’m gone during the day, I knew I couldn’t take care of bottle babies. My husband, William, is able to help a little while I’m gone, since he works from home. We foster feeder kittens as often as we can.

Perfumed Purrfection

Our first litter was 6 four-week-old kittens. Go big or go home, lol. I brought out our big dog crate and made them a little area in the living room. It didn’t take long for me to get overwhelmed! Six kittens eating wet food and still learning to use the litter box is messy! Luckily, the Kitten Lady has a fabulous website with lots of tips on how to care for foster kittens. I was giving butt baths like a pro! Eventually the messy stage passes, and it gets easier. Here is the first litter:

I named them after perfumes/designers, lol. Armani and Stella were adopted by my friend Tiffany. Tom Ford chose us, and he is part of our family now.

Hocus Pocus

The next kitten we fostered was a singleton, little Binx. He stayed with us for a couple of weeks, and was super cute.


Practical Magic

I just returned our most recent kittens today *cries* They were the sweetest things. Both medium hair tuxedo girls. I named them after Sally & Gillian from Practical Magic. I really fell for Gillian, she was a little cuddle bug. Sally was more independent.

We really enjoy fostering, even if it is a lot of work, and pulls on our heartstrings. We love the idea of helping the kittens become more social than if they were in a kennel at the shelter, and we can get them used to other animals, getting their nails clipped, being brushed, etc.

Have you thought of being a foster for shelter pets? Have you fostered any? Tell me about it in the comments below:

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