Perfume Parade: Mugler

This is part of a series on perfume companies that I have personally purchased from – this is not a sponsored post

I’m wearing Alien Essence Absolue today, in honor of Thierry Mugler, who passed away yesterday. He was a perfume and fashion icon.

I was late to the Mugler party, but I fell pretty hard for them, once I started trying them.

The first bottle I bought was Angel EDT. I prefer it over the EDP. It is one of my favorite perfumes. I have a travel size of Angel Muse. I also have bottles of Alien Mirage, Alien eau Extraordinaire, Alien Essence Absolue, Aura EDP, and a mini of Womanity. I have a box full of samples, I’m trying to collect samples of all the women’s scents.

My Mugler perfume collection

I prefer buying from the Mugler website, because you can usually get up to 5 free samples, but sometimes they don’t have any available. You can also register your Mugler bottles, no matter where you buy them. Many bottles are refillable, if you live near a retailer that offers that option. Mugler will also occasionally send free items – I once received a full size Aura body cream, that was a nice surprise!

They also have frequent sales, and the prices are nicely discounted. Of course, you can also purchase them on other sites, like FragranceNet, Sephora, etc.

While Angel and Alien are the most popular scents, don’t miss out on the flankers. I love seeing how they offer a new take on the originals.

Check out some of my Scents of the Week posts for more info on the individual perfumes.

Do you have any Mugler favorites? Let me know in the comments below:

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