Pet intro: Meap

I adopted Meap from a local cat rescue in December of 2009. She was hand raised by a volunteer, along with her sibling. She was super spoiled, and still taking a bottle at 10 weeks old, lol. My daughter chose the name Meap after some cute little alien character on the cartoon show Phineas & Ferb.

baby Meap

Because of her upbringing, Meap is very attached to humans. She has to sleep next to me at night. She has no real desire to go outside. She is petite, weighing in at about 9 lbs. She likes to lay on anything electronic. She likes cornbread and angel food cake. And crackers. And coconut oil. When I give Brenna her daily medication in some cream cheese, Meap comes running, and has to have some too (just cream cheese, no pill, lol).

me and Meap

Sometimes, she just likes to be held. I’ll hear this plaintive meow, and look down and there she is. I pick her up, and put her against my shoulder and she just lets me hold her for awhile.

a rare moment on the back patio

Meap is my heart cat. The bond we have is the strongest I’ve ever had with any pet. She’s the sweetest thing. All she asks for is love, and I’m happy to give it.

Do you have a cat (or cats)? Tell me about them in the comments below:

4 thoughts on “Pet intro: Meap

  1. I used to have two cats (this blog is named after them). I don’t anymore. I should post a follow up about what it’s like to be cat-free now… Maybe I’ll try to do that soon.


    1. Those are cool names! I’d be interested in your cat-free life. When our kitties leave us, we won’t replace them, as we’re going to travel a lot in our retirement.


  2. Meap looks exactly like my furry granddaughter Pickles who my daughter adopted from a no kill shelter a few months ago. Pickles is seven but so tiny she looks like a kitten. She also demands lots of attention and human contact.


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