Pet intro: Jasper

We had almost two years with a very difficult rescue dog, and then several months with Brenna as our only dog. Since Brenna is deaf, she couldn’t alert me to sounds or strangers around the house, and I kept thinking about how I’d like to have another dog. I really wanted a puppy, if possible, as we had such a hard time with our rescue dog and the issues he had from being in a rescue/shelter environment. Ideally, I wanted a dog that didn’t shed, even knowing that meant regular grooming. I wanted a dog that was fairly easily trained. And one of the most important traits I wanted was a good temperament, as we have the two young boys.

One day, I was out walking Brenna, and a neighbor stopped me and asked if I knew anyone who wanted a puppy. I tried to hide my excitement, and asked if I could see them. He had them in a puppy play yard in his garage. He said they were miniature poodle puppies. I told him I’d think about it. And so I did. Lots of thinking, and wheedling to William, lol. A few weeks later, I brought Jasper home.

baby Jasper

He was cutest little thing. And so feisty. I think he was about 10 weeks old when we got him home. Of course, I was dying to take him out and start socializing him, but we had to wait to take him on walks until he had all his shots. So my kids got me a puppy stroller for Mother’s Day!!!

Let’s go for a walk!

After he had all his shots, we started to go to puppy kindergarten classes, for training and socialization. He loves to play and thinks that everyone is his friend.

His first puppy groom

Jasper loves to go for car rides, and he has his own little car seat. He prefers to be in the seat than on someone’s lap. He really enjoys going to the groomers, as they don’t put the dogs in kennels, he gets to run around and play.

my handsome boy

His color has faded a bit, but he still has the tuxedo markings, which I love. He’s getting kind of chubby – I think it’s because he likes to eat whatever food Brenna has leftover. I put her bowl up when she’s done with it now, lol.

On the lookout

Jasper is only 10 months old, so he’s still a puppy. But he’s growing up to be a good dog. He terrorizes Brenna and the cats sometimes, but only because he wants to play. He’s great with the kids! If only we could get him to stop stealing slippers, lol.

What kind of dog do you have? How did you pick their name? (I picked the name Jasper because I’m a Tudor history nerd, lol) Tell me in the comments below:

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