Scents of the week Feb 9 – Feb 15

My perfumes for the week:
(my second #RosesWeek for February)

Sunday: Love Potion Perfume’s Chakra: Heart
Pink rose and red rose attar over thick vanilla and vanilla bean oils.
This is one of my favorite rose perfumes. Sweet vanilla rose!

Monday: Tocca Gia
Pink Peppercorn, Tangerine, Turkish Rose, Amber, Vanilla.
This is really gorgeous – however, it has zero lasting power on me. It disappeared within an hour. I will probably only wear this to bed, since the longevity is so poor.

Tuesday: Stella
Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, Amber.
Stella is another favorite. A lovely rose perfume. It doesn’t last very well on me, but luckily I have the travel size rollerball, so I can take it with me to reapply.

Wednesday: Aerin Rose de Grasse
Ambrette Seeds, Rose Centifolia, Rose Otto Bulgarian, Rose Absolute, Ambrox, Musk
Rose de Grasse is a beautiful, feminine rose perfume. However, the longevity is not very good. I had to reapply within a couple hours. But I did, because it’s so pretty.

Thursday: BPAL’s Hope
Sugared rose
I think Hope was the first perfume that made me realize I liked rose scents. My daughter hates it, lol. She always knows when I have it on!

Friday: Chloé EDP and Oil Perfumery’s Chloé EDP
Top Notes: Peony, Lychee, Freesia
Heart Notes:Rose, Magnolia, Muguet
Base Notes:Amber, Cedar
Again, I think Chloé could easily be my signature scent. It is just so pretty, so fresh, so feminine. I wore these together to check the similarity between the two. They do smell practically identical, but the Oil Perfumery version lasts SO MUCH longer.

Saturday: Roses de Chloé and Oil Perfumery’s Roses de Chloé
Bergamot, damask rose, magnolia, white musk, amber
I’ve had this sample of Roses de Chloé for a while, and I bought the Oil Perfumery version several months ago, but I haven’t worn it yet. From these notes, you’d think I’d be ecstatic over this perfume. But, actually, I was underwhelmed. It was light, and subtle, and just not enough for me. I’ll be passing these along.

I think I’ve got enough rose scents for one more week! What perfumes did you wear this week? Tell me about them in the comments below:

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