Scents of the week Mar 1 – Mar 7 (and Be Layered review)

I recently bought a sampler from Be Layered perfumes, so I tried them out this week.

Sunday: Ancient Amber
This is a single note fragrance based on Amber
I really love this one. It’s smells like the amber resin I used to get at the new age store, which I would rub on my wrists to wear as perfume. I plan on getting a full size bottle.

Monday: Layered Signature
Notes: Magnolia, Blood Orange, Rose, Freesia, Amber, Jasmine, Peach, Musk, Virginia Cedar
This is a pretty floral. It doesn’t last very long on my skin though.

Tuesday: Love Potion
Inspired by Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl. Notes: Tonka Bean, Cacao, Tuberose, Jasmine, Almond, Coffee, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Orris, Praline, Bergamot, Amber, Lemon, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Cashmere Wood, Musk, Orange Blossom, Bulgarian Rose, Cedar.
I haven’t tried the real Good Girl, but this smells very good. It’s warm and sweet, very pretty. It doesn’t last very long on me, though. I’ll keep it to wear at night before bed.

Wednesday: Paris Nights
Inspired by Guerlain’s Mon Guerlain. Notes: Tahitian Vanilla, Lavender, Coumarin, Iris, Australian Sandalwood, Jasmine Sambac, Bergamot, Benzoin, Victorian Licorice, Earthy Patchouli, and Soft Rose 
I wore this side by side with my Mon Guerlain. This smells VERY similar. It dries down a little bit sweeter, and a little more powdery. Mon Guerlain does not have very good longevity, and this one is only a little better.

Thursday: Sweet Spirit
Inspired by Guerlain’s Spiritueuse Double Vanille. Notes: Vanilla, Benzoin, Incense, Cedar, Ylang-Ylang, Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine
I haven’t smelled the real Spiritueuse Double Vanille, only a dupe by another company. This is very pretty though. It’s rich and smooth, slightly sweet, warm vanilla. A comforting scent. It stays close to the skin, and I couldn’t smell it after 5-6 hours.

Friday: Sunshine Vibes
Inspired by Amouage’s Sunshine Woman. Notes: Osmanthus, Almond, Vanilla, White Tobacco, Black Currant, Artemisia, Papyrus, Juniper, Patchouli, Magnolia, Jasmine.
Again, I haven’t smelled the original. I don’t know that I would wear this often, it smells kind of meh to me. Not bad, but just kind of boring.

Saturday: Unlabeled sample
I got two free samples with my order, one was Christmas in Egypt, and the other one was not labeled. Be Layered has been really hyping their upcoming dupe of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry, though, and from first sniff, I’m pretty sure this is it. And I do like it. It’s tart and syrupy, and brings to mind a dark red cherry, soaked in some type of liqueur.

Be Layered review

So… to sum up, I think I just got lucky with my first perfumes from Be Layered. I bought First Kiss, First Kiss Exclusive, and Dark Temptation and those all smell really good, and have fabulous longevity. I do plan on buying Ancient Amber and I might buy the dupe of Lost Cherry. The samples you can purchase are a generous 5 ml size, and they usually include one or two free 2 ml samples as well. Honestly though, I’m tired of their constant hype and misspelled emails. The descriptions on their website are cringe-y. Also, it seems like the company is trying out lots of different marketing strategies, just to see what works. At one point, they had a “secret menu” on their website, that as you bought items, it would unlock new ones. I can’t find that anymore. They’ve partnered with a YouTube reviewer, but it seems like half the time, she’s not talking about Be Layered fragrances, she’s talking about her own fragrance collection. Their FB page is not well-moderated, and people are constantly discussing other perfume companies. I feel like I am just not their target audience. And that’s okay.

Have you ever tried Be Layered? What perfumes did you wear this week? Tell me in the comments below:

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